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hard money purchase loans

1 / California Properties Only

2 / A Minimum 30% Down Payment is required Owner occupied and non-owner occupied

3 / Personal Use Loans OK ✓

4 / Business Use Loans OK ✓
5 / Credit Score, Tax Return Income, Employment Status, Citizenship Status are MINIMAL FACTORS in qualifying

We will consider the following types of properties for Hard Money Purchase Loans in San Diego:

Using Private Money can help your offer more likely to be accepted as we can provide an approval letter that indicates all LOAN and APPRAISAL Contingencies can be removed within 3 days of the accepted offer.

We can typically close an owner-occupied purchase in 10 working days and non-owner occupied, flip and investment properties in 5 working days.

Our Loan Terms are typically 7 Years with No Pre-Payment Penalties.  You can pay interest only or as much principal as you like each month.

We also offer Hard Money Refinance Services.

We do not offer land loans or construction loans.

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