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Diverse Loan Programs

Flexible, equity-based lending solutions.

our loan programs

  • In-house underwriting and approval for tailored terms.

  • Variety of programs for different investment needs.

30 Due in 7

30-Year Fixed Rate, typically due in 7 years with no prepayment penalty. Ideal for owner-occupied properties.

Interest Only 

  • Low monthly payments during the loan term.

  • Flexibility to invest in other properties.

  • Optimize your investments and overall net worth.

  • Higher potential return on your investments.

start your real estate journey today!

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why hard money?

Private or hard money loans are financed by private investors, with real estate as collateral, differing from traditional bank loans. These loans are flexible, with terms adaptable to specific borrower needs. They focus on asset value rather than borrower credit, requiring a steady income but prioritizing real estate equity in the qualification process. While not suitable for all, hard money loans are a vital option in real estate financing, offered by specialists in this niche market.


Quick Funding


Minimal Documentation


Flexible Terms


Mostly No Pre-Payment Penalties


Easy Qualification

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