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why hard money

Also known as Private Money Loans, Alternative Financing and Non-Traditional. However, the best way to describe our loans is Equity Based Financing. Hard money loans offer quick funding with fewer documentation requirements than traditional lenders. These loans are suitable for those needing fast access to funds without the hassle of extensive underwriting processes.


Loan Criteria

Private money loans focus on downpayment and equity, not credit score or income. Your equity in the property is the key factor for loan qualification, making these loans ideal for those with substantial property equity.


Loan Proposal Process

First Security Mortgage offers quick loan proposals within 30 minutes, requiring only general transaction terms. Personal information like Social Security Numbers or employment details are not needed for these proposals, streamlining the process.


Loan Flexibility

Our Loans close quickly and offer the flexibility of longer repayment terms. Unlike our competitors, our loans are typically for 7 years and most have no penalties for early repayment.

in short

Private money loans provide fast, hassle-free funding. First Security Mortgage ensures local management of your loan, with a 99% chance of not selling your loan, ensuring payments are made locally at our office at:
10650 Treena Street
Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92131

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