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11 Benefits That A Hard Money Loan Can Offer

Updated: Jan 11

hard money lenders San Diego

There are many hard money lenders in San Diego, and they are known for funding real estate investments. Those in the business of real estate investing, typically depend on hard money loans for quick and reliable capital.

Those seeking a loan appreciate the straightforward nature that private money lenders in San Diego offer. When investing in real estate, speed, and ease is a huge bonus. This is the primary benefit of obtaining a hard money loan.

Here are 11 ways a hard money loan can allow more deals and higher profits for real estate investors.

Application Process Is Easy

The application process for private money loans requires a lot less paperwork than a conventional loan. First-time applicants often find the process so simple that they never turn back to any other type of loan. These loans can be approved within a day or two once the application is completed and returned for processing. Giving real estate agents more time to invest and look for other opportunities.

Obtaining Funds Faster

When an application is approved, it typically only takes 5 to 10 days to access funds. Funds can even be expedited if needed. This is a huge deal when comparing conventional loans, which typically take up to 30-45 days to obtain funds. Hard money lenders San Diego allows agents to get started on their projects and never miss out on an investing opportunity.

Acceptance on Properties That Have Multiple Bids

When making an offer with a hard money loan, financing tends to be much stronger. You will have a better chance of being accepted when compared to other offers that have a 10% or 20% down payment. Experienced agents realize the benefits of these loans, as they will not encounter the same issues with other bank lenders.

Negotiate Purchase Price

When you are able to offer a seller a quick closing, this will give the buyer more negotiating power. Hard money loans will allow you to jump on good deals and get a better price as you can offer quick closing.

No Need for Perfect Credit Scores or Income History

When you apply for a bank loan you will always have to submit income proof, and your credit score will be run. If these two factors do not meet the banks criteria, then the loan will be denied. This is not an issue with hard money loans, as the money is coming from investors. These investors will be most concerned with the value of the real estate. Hard money loans come with fewer stipulations than conventional loans.

Cash Deals Have Benefits

When you are able to offer a seller cash for their property, there are many benefits. Cash offers are not typically turned away, so you may be able to get a cut on the asking price. It provides more flexibility to purchase more properties and finish projects. This is very helpful when flipping homes for a profit.

Pulling Equity from other Projects

You have more flexibility when dealing with private money lenders in San Diego. You are able to take money from an existing project to use in another property without having to go through a long and drawn-out process. Real estate agents can offer a down payment on a new deal or pay for rehab on an existing property.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

When a borrower has a short sale or foreclosure on their record, it can be challenging to get a conventional loan. Hard money lenders are able to look past these types of blemishes and still offer funds to those who do not qualify for a bank loan. Past circumstances will not cause issues when applying for a hard money loan.

Creativity Among Investors

Hard money lenders are typically investors who have provided funding for a large variety of creative projects. This means you can come to a hard money lender with ideals that are unique and different. They do not follow the rigid loan requirements that banks have to follow. Perfect solutions for real estate investors who have projects that do not fit traditional criteria. Creative terms are not limited when it comes to a hard money loan.

Evaluate Property

Hard money lenders are accustomed to the local market. These lenders are experts and may be able to spot issues when evaluating properties. This is a considerable benefit as experience eyes can stop you from investing in a project that could be disastrous.

Reaching Your Max on Conventional Loans

There are times when you can hit a maximum on the number of loans you have. This can be a huge factor in rather or not you get a loan through a bank. However, private money lenders in San Diego do not have the strict requirements that bank loans do. Investors do not penalize you for having multiple real estate loans. You will have the ability to combine loans and pull equity from one property to fund another.

Are You Ready?

If you are a real estate agent, then you should consider hard money lenders in San Diego. They could enhance the projects that you take on, and help improve the return you get on your investment.

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