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Five Affordable Cities in San Diego

Updated: Apr 3

Affordable Cities in San Diego

Who wouldn’t want to live San Diego, California? With its gorgeous weather and vast ocean views, San Diego is ranked the eighth most expensive city in the United States. The average home price in San Diego County is $507,500. However, there are beautiful areas of San Diego that are both beautiful and affordable. Below are five neighborhoods that are below the average home price:

Lemon Grove:

Average home price is $757,000

East of down town San Diego, Lemon Grove is home to the worlds largest lemon. The lemon is a statue that sits downtown, on broadway. The residents of Lemon Grove say that they have the best climate on earth.


Average home price is $750,000

Santee is a growing suburb located 18 miles east of the ocean. It’s home to a trolley that gives you easy, traffic free access to San Diego.


Average home price is $812,500

Escondido is one of the largest and oldest cities in San Diego county. Escondido is also home to the San Diego Zoo Safire Park, which is a 1,800 acre nature preserve.


Average home price is $830,000

Oceanside is a coastal town 38 miles from the City of San Diego and sits adjacent to the large military base, Camp Pendleton.

Chula Vista:

Average home price is $799,000

Right by the boarder to Mexico, Chula Vista is a 8 mile drive from San Diego. Chula Vista is a growing city with lots of new home construction.

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